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Vol 34, No 2 (1996) Behaviour of fatigue short cracks in a medium carbon steel subjected to reversed torsion Abstract   PDF
Dorota Kocańda, Stanisław Kocańda
Vol 33, No 4 (1995) Bellmas's equation of optimization with the periodic control Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Piekarski
Vol 49, No 1 (2011) BEM and Shear lag method for interface problem of bi-material structure under static loading Abstract   PDF
Varbinka Valeva, Jordanka Ivanova, Barbara Gambin
Vol 56, No 1 (2018) Bending analysis of plates by superposing of cylindrical deflections Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz E. Jemielita
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Bending and buckling of a metal seven-layer beam with lengthwise corrugated main core – comparative analysis with sandwich beam Abstract   PDF
Ewa Magdalena Magnucka-Blandzi, Marcin Rodak
Vol 55, No 3 (2017) Bending, buckling, and forced vibration analyses of nonlocal nanocomposite microplate using TSDT considering MEE properties dependent to various volume fractions of CoFe2O4-BaTiO3 Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Mohammadimehr, Rasoul Rostami
Vol 56, No 4 (2018) Bending, buckling and free vibration of a beam with unsymmetrically varying mechanical properties Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Magnucki, Jerzy Lewiński, Ewa Magdalena Magnucka-Blandzi, Piotr Kędzia
Vol 30, No 2 (1992) Bending of a Cosserat plate under its own weight and normal uniform loading Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Jemielita
Vol 29, No 1 (1991) Bifurcating self-excited vibrations of a journal bearing rotor Abstract   PDF
Włodzimierz Kurnik
Vol 56, No 3 (2018) Bifurcation and chaos analysis of a gear-rotor-bearing system Abstract   PDF
Xiangfeng Gou, Lingyun Zhu, Changjun Qi
Vol 34, No 1 (1996) Bifurcation and postbifurcation of rods Abstract   PDF
Peter B. Béda
Vol 32, No 3 (1994) Bifurcation points and branching paths in the nonlinear stability analysis of shell structures Abstract   PDF
Jakub Marcinowski
Vol 46, No 3 (2008) Bifurcations in an electro-vibroimpact system with friction Abstract   PDF
Jee-Hou Ho, Ko-Choong Woo
Vol 30, No 1 (1992) Biharmonic representation in the analysis of plates made of the Grioli-Toupin material Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Jemielta
Vol 30, No 2 (1992) Biharmonic representation of the solution to equilibrium problem of a plate made of a Cosserat material Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Jemielita
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Binormal cooling errors in single hot-wire measurements Abstract   PDF
Ramis Örlü, P. Henrik Alfredsson
Vol 37, No 3 (1999) Biomechanical aspects of artificial joint implantation in a lower limb Abstract   PDF
Romuald Będziński, Marek Bernakiewicz, Krzysztof Ścigała
Vol 42, No 4 (2004) Biomechanical modelling for whole body motion using natural coordinates Abstract   PDF
Adam Czaplicki, Miguel T. Silva, Jorge C. Ambrósio
Vol 27, No 4 (1989) BIPEKA – system organizacji bibliografii naukowej Abstract   PDF
Marcin Chrzanowski, Jadwiga Ziaja
Vol 52, No 3 (2014) Blade couple connected by damping element with dry friction contacts Abstract   PDF
Lud e k Pešek, Ladislav Půst
Vol 30, No 4 (1992) Boundary element method for axisymmetric thermoelastic problems Abstract   PDF
Jacek Błocki
Vol 36, No 2 (1998) Boundary element method in dynamic crack analysis Abstract   PDF
Piotr Fedeliński
Vol 26, No 4 (1988) Boundary elements for thermo-elasto-plasticity of metals Abstract   PDF
Andro Alujevic, Iztok Potrc
Vol 24, No 3 (1986) Boundary integral equations in the theory of thin plates Abstract   PDF
Elżbieta Kossecka
Vol 36, No 2 (1998) Boundary-only formulations of the boundary element method Abstract   PDF
Andrzej J. Nowak
Vol 40, No 3 (2002) Bridges with adaptive railway track Abstract   PDF
Paweł Flont, Jan Holnicki-Szulc
Vol 50, No 4 (2012) Buckling analysis of short carbon nanotubes based on a novel Timoshenko beam model Abstract   PDF
Reza Hosseini-Ara, Hamid R. Mirdamadi, Hasan Khademyzadeh
Vol 51, No 4 (2013) Buckling analysis of three-layered rectangular plate with piezoelectric layers Abstract   PDF
Hessameddin Yaghoobi, Iraj Rajabi
Vol 52, No 3 (2014) Buckling of cylindrical shells under external pressure in a Hamiltonian system Abstract   PDF
Jiabin Sun, Xinsheng Xu, C.W. Lim
Vol 52, No 4 (2014) Buckling of heated temperature dependent FGM cylindrical shell surrounded by elastic medium Abstract   PDF
M. Sabzikar Boroujerdy, R. Naj, Y. Kiani
Vol 42, No 2 (2004) Buckling of I-core sandwich panels Abstract   PDF
Maciej Taczała, Waldemar Banasiak
Vol 52, No 1 (2014) Buckling of imperfect thick cylindrical shells and curved panels with different boundary conditions under external pressure Abstract   PDF
Reza Akbari Alashti, Seyed A. Ahmadi
Vol 18, No 4 (1980) Budowa granicznych krzywych zniszczenia w oparciu o koncepcję parametru uszkodzenia Abstract   PDF
Marcin Chrzanowski, Jerzy Madej
Vol 54, No 2 (2016) Cable-suspended CPR-D type parallel robot Abstract   PDF
Mirjana Filipovic, Ana Djuric
Vol 28, No 3-4 (1990) Calculation of litt distribution on canard airplane by use of vortex-lattice method Abstract   PDF
Zdobysław Goraj, Witold Molicki
Vol 33, No 4 (1995) Calculation of the wing aerodynamic characteristics with ground effect using panel methods Abstract   PDF
Janusz Sznajder, Zdobysław Goraj
Vol 14, No 2 (1976) Całka równania różniczkowego cząstkowego rozwiązującego powłoki walcowe Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Bielak
Vol 42, No 3 (2004) Cellular automata: structures and some applications Abstract   PDF
Marcin Burzyński, Waldemar Cudny, Witold Kosiński
Vol 53, No 1 (2015) CFD computation of the Savonius rotor Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Rogowski, Ryszard Maroński
Vol 53, No 1 (2015) CFD Computation of the Savonius Rotor Abstract
Krzysztof Rogowski, Ryszard Maroński
Vol 34, No 3 (1996) Chaotic vibration affected by initial conditions in a parametrically and externally excited system with backlash Abstract   PDF
Kazimierz Szabelski, Grzegorz Litak, Wojciech Przystupa, Jerzy Warmiński
Vol 33, No 3 (1995) Chaotic vibration of a journal-bearing system Abstract   PDF
Włodzimierz Kurnik, Zbigniew Starczewski
Vol 45, No 1 (2007) Chaotic vibration of an autoparametrical system with a non-ideal source of power Abstract   PDF
Danuta Sado, Maciej Kot
Vol 55, No 3 (2017) Chaotic vibration of an autoparametrical system with the spherical pendulum Abstract   PDF
Danuta Sado, Jan Freundlich, Anna Bobrowska
Vol 46, No 4 (2008) Chaotic vibrations in gear mesh systems Abstract   PDF
Jan Łuczko
Vol 49, No 3 (2011) Characteristics of elastic wave propagation in thick beams – when guided waves prevail? Abstract   PDF
Haikuo Peng, Lin Ye, Guang Meng, Kai Sun, Fucai Li
Vol 9, No 3 (1971) Charakterystyka stabilności przepływu, ze zmiennym profilem prędkości, płynu o skończonym przewodnictwie elektrycznym w polu magnetycznym Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Kłos
Vol 28, No 3-4 (1990) Charakterystyki aerodynamiczne łuski naboju działka lotniczego w opływie przestrzennym Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Maryniak, Mirosław Nowakowski
Vol 7, No 4 (1969) Ciecze nienewtonowskie w świetle mechaniki kontinuum Abstract   PDF
Stefan Zahorski
Vol 33, No 4 (1995) Classical panel methods – a routine tool for aerodynamic calculations of complex aircraft configurations: from concepts to codes Abstract   PDF
Zdobysław Goraj, Józef Pietrucha
Vol 52, No 3 (2014) Closed form solution for the collapse of polygonal thin-walled columns in the axial crushing case Abstract   PDF
Yamen Maalej, Fahmi Chaari, Bassem Zouari, Eric Markiewicz
Vol 51, No 2 (2013) Closed-form solutions for torsion analysis of structural beams considering web-flange junctions fillets Abstract   PDF
S-Zahra Shahpari, Mohammad R. Hematiyan
Vol 56, No 3 (2018) Coarse-graining models for molecular dynamics simulations of FCC metals Abstract   PDF
Pourya Delafrouz, Hossein Nejat Pishkenari
Vol 40, No 1 (2002) Coefficients of shear correction in transversely nonhomogeneous moderately thick plates Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Jemielita
Vol 39, No 4 (2001) Coherent structures and transport of temperature variance and oscillatory heat fluxes in a stimulated round jet Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Drobniak, Roman Klajny, Piotr Pełka
Vol 56, No 3 (2018) Collocation method based on barycentric interpolation iteration for analysis of nonlinear microbeams Abstract   PDF
Meiling Zhuang, Changqing Miao, Zhaoqing Wang
Vol 36, No 3 (1998) Colmatage accompanying the flow of gasified liquid through porous media Abstract   PDF
Alfred Trzaska, Krystyna Sobowska
Vol 54, No 3 (2016) Combined load buckling for cylindrical shells based on a symplectic elasticity approach Abstract   PDF
Jiabin Sun, Xinsheng Xu, C.W. Lim
Vol 33, No 1 (1995) Comparative analysis of constructional parameters and three-layered plate support influence on free vibrations frequencies Abstract   PDF
Kazimierz Szabelski, Tomasz Kaźmir
Vol 35, No 3 (1997) Comparative analysis of dynamic reaction forces for different tram vehicle carriage systems in on-curve motion Abstract   PDF
Edmund Wittbrodt, Krzysztof Lipiński
Roman Trochimczuk
Vol 48, No 1 (2010) Comparison between HPM and finite Fourier solution in static analysis of FGPM beam under thermal load Abstract   PDF
Ahad Armin, Iman Shafieenejad, Nima Moallemi, Alireza B. Novinzadeh
Vol 55, No 4 (2017) Comparison of Bayesian and other approaches to the estimation of fatigue crack growth rate from 2D textural features Abstract   PDF
Matej Mojzeš, Jaromír Kukal, Hynek Lauschmann
Vol 46, No 2 (2008) Comparison of CICSAM and HRIC high-resolution schemes for interface capturing Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Wacławczyk, Tadeusz Koronowicz
Vol 54, No 4 (2016) Comparison of explicit and implicit forms of the modified point mass trajectory model Abstract   PDF
Leszek Baranowski, Błażej Gadomski, Jacek Szymonik, Przemysław Majewski
Vol 40, No 4 (2002) Comparison of models for dynamic analysis of a mobile telescopic crane Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Maczyński, Marek Szczotka
Vol 54, No 4 (2016) Comparison of natural complement formulations for multibody dynamics Abstract   PDF
Marcin Pękal, Janusz Frączek
Vol 51, No 3 (2013) Comparison of numerical testing methods in terms of impulse loading applied to structural elements Abstract   PDF
Łukasz Mazurkiewicz, Jerzy Małachowski, Paweł Baranowski, Krzysztof Damaziak
Vol 47, No 3 (2009) Comparison of optimization algorithms for inverse FEA of heat and mass transport in biomaterials Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Weres, Wiesław Olek, Sebastian Kujawa
Vol 32, No 1 (1994) Comparison of simplified methods of dynamic stress intensity factor evaluation Abstract   PDF
Igor V. Rokach
Vol 52, No 2 (2014) Comparison of single and X-wire measurements of streamwise velocity fluctuations in turbulent boundary layer Abstract   PDF
Artur Dróżdż, Witold Elsner
Vol 33, No 3 (1995) Comparison of solutions in a frame-work of different plate theories Abstract   PDF
Abdel Fattah M. El-Zebidy, Zbigniew F. Baczyński
Vol 48, No 1 (2010) Comparison of some selected multiaxial fatigue failure criteria dedicated for spectral method Abstract   PDF
Adam Niesłony
Vol 26, No 4 (1988) Comparison of the boundary collocation and finite element methods for some harmonic 2d problems Abstract   PDF
Jan A. Kołodziej, Michał Kleiber, Grzegorz Musielak
Vol 34, No 4 (1996) Comparison of the theories of geometrically nonlinear shells Abstract   PDF
Anna Sławianowska
Vol 51, No 2 (2013) Comparison of two models of numerical simulation of low cycle fatigue of a plastic material with small rigid inclusions Abstract   PDF
Joury M. Temis, Khakim Kh. Azmetov, William J. Fleming
Vol 25, No 4 (1987) Complex potentials in two-dimensional problems of periodically layered elastic composites Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Kaczyński, Stanisław J. Matysiak
Accepted for publication in the next issue Computation and experimental comparison of the deformation behavior of pantographic structures with different micro-geometry under shear and torsion Abstract
Hua Yang, Wolfgang H. Müller
Vol 38, No 2 (2000) Computation of a plate-key closure of natural gas filter Abstract   PDF
Jan Ryś
Vol 25, No 1-2 (1987) Computation of an aeroplane fundamental aerodynamic characteristics (in Russian) Abstract   PDF
Shkoda Z., Preizek W.
Vol 37, No 1 (1999) Computation of plane turbulent flow using probability density function method Abstract   PDF
Jacek Pozorski
Vol 45, No 3 (2007) Computational and experimental analysis of gas-particle flow in furnance power boiler instalations with respect to erosion phenomena Abstract   PDF
Bolesław Dobrowolski, Jacek Wydrych
Vol 36, No 3 (1998) Computational aspects of saturated porous media undergoing large deformations Abstract   PDF
Gwidon Szefer
Accepted for publication Computational domain discretization for CFD analysis of flow in a granular packed bed Abstract
Renata Gnatowska
Vol 38, No 2 (2000) Computational models of periodic composites. Tolerance averaging versus homogenization Abstract   PDF
Czesław Woźniak
Vol 56, No 4 (2018) Computational optimization and implementation of control system for mechatronic treadmill with body weight support system Abstract   PDF
Grzegorz Gembalczyk, Sławomir Duda, Eugeniusz Świtoński
Vol 37, No 1 (1999) Computational study of the wake control problem Abstract   PDF
Bartosz Protas
Vol 42, No 1 (2004) Computations of an unsteady viscous flow in a three dimensional system of ducts. Part I: Formulation of the mathematical problem and numerical method Abstract   PDF
Jacek Szumbarski, Piotr Olszewski, Andrzej Styczek, Jacek Rokicki
Vol 42, No 4 (2004) Computations of an unsteady viscous flow in a three-dimensional system of ducts. Part II: Implementation of the spectral element method and sample results Abstract   PDF
Jacek Szumbarski, Piotr Olszewski, Konrad Wawruch, Zbigniew Małota
Vol 42, No 1 (2004) Computer simulation of catching of explosively propelling metal fragments by protective casing Abstract   PDF
Karol Jach, Robert Świerczyński, Adam Wiśniewski
Vol 40, No 2 (2002) Concept of a non-proportionality parameter in a complex fatigue load state Abstract   PDF
Dariusz Skibicki, Janusz Sempruch
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Concept of the magnetic launcher for medium class unmanned aerial vehicles designed on the basis of numerical calculations Abstract   PDF
Mirosław Kondratiuk, Leszek Ambroziak
Vol 50, No 3 (2012) Consistent theories of isotropic and anisotropic plates Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kienzler, Patrick Schneider
Vol 36, No 3 (1998) Consolidation of a porous multilayered subsoil undergoing large deformation Abstract   PDF
Gwidon Szefer, Marian Mikołajek
Vol 51, No 1 (2013) Constitutive model for time-dependent ratchetting of SS304 stainless steel: simulation and its finite element analysis Abstract   PDF
Xiangjun Jiang, Yongsheng Zhu, Jun Hong, Youyun Zhang, Qianhua Kan
Vol 46, No 4 (2008) Constitutive model of plastic strain induced phenomena at cryogenic temperatures Abstract   PDF
Błażej Skoczeń
Vol 30, No 3 (1992) Constitutive relationships for elastic and plastic behaviour of isotropic matrix reinforced with three families of fibres Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Jemioło, Marek Kwieciński, Wiesław Wojewódzki
Vol 22, No 3-4 (1984) Constraints in constitutive relations of mechanics Abstract   PDF
Czesław Woźniak
Vol 26, No 2 (1988) Constraints in soild mechanics. An application of nonstandard analysis Abstract   PDF
Ewaryst Wierzbicki
Vol 24, No 3 (1986) Contact between a rigid indenter and a transversely isotropic layer Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Rogowski
Vol 25, No 3 (1987) Contact interaction of an elastic punch and a prestressed layer (in Russian) Abstract   PDF
A. N. Guz', W. B. Rudnickij
Vol 39, No 3 (2001) Contact, motion and wear in railway mechanics Abstract   PDF
Kurt Frischmuth
Vol 39, No 3 (2001) Contact of a rigid flat punch with a wedge supported by the Winkler foundation Abstract   PDF
Joanna Marzęda, Volodymyr Pauk, Margaret Woźniak
Vol 40, No 4 (2002) Contact problem for periodically stratified half-space and rigid foundation possessing geometrical surface defect Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Kaczyński, Bohdan Monastyrskyy
Vol 39, No 3 (2001) Contact problems with friction, adhesion and wear in orthopaedic biomechanics. Part I – General developments Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Rojek, Józef Joachim Telega
Vol 39, No 3 (2001) Contact problems with friction, adhesion and wear in orthopaedic biomechanics. Part II – Numerical implementation and application to implanted knee joints Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Rojek, Józef Joachim Telega, Stanisław Stupkiewicz
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Continuous and discrete sliding mode control of an active car suspension system Abstract   PDF
Jan Łuczko, Urszula Ferdek
Vol 46, No 3 (2008) Control and chaos for vibro-impact and non-ideal oscillators Abstract   PDF
Silvio L.T. de Souza, Iberê L. Caldas, Ricardo L. Viana, José M. Balthazar
Vol 45, No 1 (2007) Control and correction of a gyroscopic platform mounted in a flying object Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Koruba
Vol 49, No 4 (2011) Control design of semi-active seat suspension systems Abstract   PDF
Igor Maciejewski, Tomasz Krzyżyński
Vol 40, No 3 (2002) Control in obstacle three-layered plate problem Abstract   PDF
Ján Lovíšek
Vol 54, No 3 (2016) Control of anisotropic rotor vibration using fractional order controller Abstract   PDF
Mariusz Czajkowski, Magdalena Gertner, Monika Ciulkin
Vol 51, No 1 (2013) Control of characteristics of mechatronic systems using piezoelectric materials Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Buchacz, Marek Płaczek, Andrzej Wróbel
Vol 51, No 4 (2013) Control system design for multi-rotor MAV Abstract   PDF
Wei Wang, Hao Ma, Chang-Yin Sun
Vol 29, No 3-4 (1991) Controlled motion of finite elements Abstract   PDF
Kazimierz Frąckiewicz, Małgorzata Seredyńska, Jan J. Sławianowski
Vol 43, No 3 (2005) Controller design and implementation for active vibration suppression of a piezoelectric smart shell structure Abstract   PDF
Ulrich Gabbert, Tamara Nestorović-Trajkov, Heinz Köppe
Vol 48, No 3 (2010) Co-rotational formulation of a solid-shell element utilizing the ANS and EAS methods Abstract   PDF
Cengiz Polat
Vol 32, No 3 (1994) Corrosive-fatigue crack growth rate in 15G2ANb steel Abstract   PDF
Waldemar Bachmacz, Krzysztof Werner, Zygmunt Kolasiński
Vol 32, No 2 (1994) Countable model of static effect of non-local interaction in elastic composite circular disc Abstract   PDF
Roman Nagórski
Vol 46, No 1 (2008) Coupled and uncoupled constitutive equations of linear elasticity and viscoelasticity of orthotropic materials Abstract   PDF
Marian Klasztorny
Vol 35, No 4 (1997) Coupled fields – modelling of materials for modern technologies Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Maruszewski, Czesław Rymarz
Vol 32, No 2 (1994) Coupled longitudinal and bending forced vibration of Timoshenko cantilever beam with a closing crack Abstract   PDF
Marek Krawczuk
Vol 52, No 1 (2014) Coupling multistable systems: uncertainty due to the initial positions on the attractors Abstract   PDF
Patrycja Kuzma, Marcin Kapitaniak, Tomasz Kapitaniak
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Crack analysis in bimaterial interfaces using T-spline based XIGA Abstract   PDF
Sadam Houcine Habib, Idir Belaidi
Accepted for publication Crack growth path simulation in cement mantle of THR using crack box technique Abstract
Abdelkader Boulenouar
Vol 55, No 2 (2017) Crack identification in plates using 1-D discrete wavelet transform Abstract   PDF
Anna Knitter-Piątkowska, Michal Guminiak, George Hloupis
Vol 46, No 2 (2008) Crack initiation and growth in circular saw made of tool steel Abstract   PDF
Ismail Ucun, Mehmet Colakoglu, Suleyman Tasgetiren
Vol 32, No 1 (1994) Crack initiation caused by distorsions Abstract   PDF
Donat Renowicz, Franciszek Binczyk
Vol 53, No 4 (2015) Cracked bi-material structure subjected to monotanically increasing thermal loading. Determination of the interfacial shear and peeling stresses Abstract   PDF
Gergana Nikolova, Jordanka Ivanova
Vol 32, No 1 (1994) Cracking of creeping plates in terms of continuum damage mechanics Abstract   PDF
Adam Bodnar, Marcin Chrzanowski
Vol 43, No 2 (2005) Creep analysis of M1E copper and PA6 aluminium alloy subjected to prior plastic deformation Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew L. Kowalewski
Vol 28, No 1-2 (1990) Creep buckling of steel columns in fire temperatures Abstract   PDF
Janusz Murzewski
Vol 31, No 2 (1993) Creep with rupture analysis of transversely heterogeneous circular plates Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Białkiewicz
Vol 28, No 1-2 (1990) Creep-like crack propagation in fiber reinforced composites due to damage accumulation proccss Abstract   PDF
Michael P. Wnuk
Vol 34, No 4 (1996) Critical Euler load for a cantilever tapered beam Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Longin Zoryj
Vol 51, No 2 (2013) Critical flow velocity in a pipe with electromagnetic actuators Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Szmidt, Piotr Przybyłowicz
Vol 34, No 2 (1996) Critical point of the elastoplastic transition in terms of thermomechanical coupling Abstract   PDF
Elżbieta Pieczyska
Mohamed Bensoula, Hanifi Missoum, Karim Bendani
Vol 48, No 4 (2010) Customised prostheses on human joints and orthosis devices Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Kędzior, Marek Pawlikowski, Konstanty Skalski
Vol 54, No 3 (2016) Cutting parameters and vibrations analysis of magnetic bearing spindle in milling process Abstract   PDF
Amel Bouaziz, Maher Barkallah, Slim Bouaziz, Jean Yves Choley, Mohamed Haddar
Vol 3, No 2 (1965) Czujniki do laboratoryjnych pomiarów stanów naprężeń i odkształceń wewnątrz elementów betonowych Abstract   PDF
Janusz Kasperkiewicz
Vol 49, No 2 (2011) Damage detection in beams using wavelet transform on higher vibration modes Abstract   PDF
Magdalena Rucka
Vol 56, No 3 (2018) Damage development of Inconel 718 due to laboratory simulated creep Abstract   PDF
Katarzyna Makowska, Adam Brodecki, Sławomir Mackiewicz, Zbigniew Ludwik Kowalewski
Vol 38, No 2 (2000) Damage effect on thermo-mechanical fields in a mid-thick plate Abstract   PDF
Artur Ganczarski, Jacek Skrzypek
Vol 34, No 2 (1996) Damage indicators for diagnostic of fatigue cracks in structures by vibration measurements – a survey Abstract   PDF
Marek Krawczuk, Wiesław Ostachowicz
Vol 51, No 1 (2013) Damage location in steel-concrete composite beams using energy transfer ratio (ETR) Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Wróblewski, Małgorzata Jarosińska, Stefan Berczyński
Vol 44, No 3 (2006) Damage modelling framework for viscoelastic particulate composites via a scale transition approach Abstract   PDF
Carole Nadot, Andre Dragon, Herve Trumel, Alain Fanget
Vol 43, No 4 (2005) Damping of vibrations in a power transmission system containing a friction clutch Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Skup
Vol 52, No 4 (2014) Decentralized fuzzy-integral-sliding control for a class of TITO uncertain nonlinear systems with application to a 2-DOF helicopter model Abstract   PDF
Kazem Zare, Hamid Reza Koofigar
Vol 28, No 1-2 (1990) Decohesive carrying capacity in perfect amd asymptotically perfect plasticity (a survey) Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Szuwalski
Vol 38, No 2 (2000) Decohesive carrying capacity of circular sandwich plate Abstract   PDF
Krzysztof Szuwalski
Vol 42, No 3 (2004) Decomposition-based evolutionary computing in multicriteria optimization environment Abstract   PDF
Juntaek Ryoo, Prabhat Hajela
Vol 40, No 3 (2002) Dedicated neural network design for friction compensation in robot drives Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Korendo, Tadeusz Uhl
Vol 34, No 4 (1996) Deformation of an anisotropic non-homogeneous cylinder Abstract   PDF
Nataliya Pankratova
Vol 6, No 1 (1968) Dekrement drgań tłumionych jednocześnie tarciem wewnętrznym (wiskotycznym) i konstrukcyjnym Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Osiński
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Delamination properties of the human thoracic arterial wall with early stage of atherosclerosis lesions Abstract   PDF
Marta Kozuń
Vol 36, No 1 (1998) Derivation of the kinetic equation for dispersed particles in turbulent flows Abstract   PDF
Jacek Pozorski
Vol 43, No 3 (2005) Description of motion of a mobile robot by Maggie's equations Abstract   PDF
Józef Giergiel, Wiesław Żylski
Vol 55, No 4 (2017) Design and development of 3-stage determination of damage location using Mamdani-adaptive genetic-Sugeno model Abstract   PDF
Sasmita Sahu, Priyadarshi Biplab Kumar, Dayal R. Parhi
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Design and implementation of improved sliding mode controller on 6R manipulator Abstract   PDF
Moharam H. Korayem, Saeed Rafee Nekoo, Alireza Khademi, Faezeh Abdollahi
Vol 37, No 3 (1999) Design and manufacturing of the human bone endoprostheses using computer-aided systems Abstract   PDF
Marek Dietrich, Krzysztof Kędzior, Konstanty Skalski
Vol 38, No 3 (2000) Design of mechanical and control system of a walking machine Abstract   PDF
Teresa Zielińska, John Heng, Terence Goh
Vol 38, No 2 (2000) Design templates – a new tool for computer-aided design of structural elements Abstract   PDF
Janusz Murzewski
Vol 57, No 1 (2019) Design with sadsf method and analyses of elastic properties of torsion-loaded structures based on double-tee sections Abstract   PDF
Ireneusz Markiewicz
Vol 49, No 3 (2011) Detecting nonlinear behaviour using the Volterra series to assess damage in beam-like structures Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Surace, Romualdo Ruotolo, David Storer
Vol 55, No 2 (2017) Determination of crack initiation and propagation in two disc shaped specimens using the improved maximum tangential stress criterion Abstract   PDF
Mosleh Eftekhari, Alireza Baghbanan, Ehsan Mohtarami, Hamid Hashemolhosseini
Vol 53, No 4 (2015) Determination of material parameters of isotropic and anisotropic hyper-elastic materials using boundary measured data Abstract   PDF
Maedeh Hajhashemkhani, Mohammad R. Hematiyan
Vol 51, No 3 (2013) Determination of material parameters of quasi-linear viscoelastic rheological model for thermoplastics and resins Abstract   PDF
Cyprian Suchocki, Marek Pawlikowski, Konstanty Skalski, Cezary Jasiński, Łukasz Morawiński
Vol 52, No 1 (2014) Determination of mechanical properties of P91 steel by means of magnetic Barkhausen emission Abstract   PDF
Katarzyna Makowska, Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, Bolesław Augustyniak, Leszek Piotrowski
Vol 39, No 4 (2001) Determination of permeability and tortuosity of permeable media by ultrasonic method. Studies for sintered bronze Abstract   PDF
Jan Kochański, Mariusz Kaczmarek, Józef Kubik
Vol 23, No 3-4 (1985) Determination of stress intensity factors by optical methods Abstract   PDF
J. Balas, M. Drzik
Vol 56, No 1 (2018) Determination of the internal resistance of a hammer drill chisel Abstract   PDF
Nikolay Nikolov, Petko Sinapov
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Determination of the position of the contact point of a tire model with an uneven road surface for purposes of vehicle dynamical analysis Abstract   PDF
Szymon Tengler, Andrzej Harlecki
Vol 42, No 4 (2004) Determination of the post-critical state of compressed plates within the bi-nonlineary theory Abstract   PDF
Franciszek Romanów, Przemysław Najdychor
Vol 47, No 4 (2009) Developed reliability-based interaction curves for design of reinforced concrete columns Abstract   PDF
Akindehinde A. Akindahunsi, Joseph O. Afolayan
Vol 52, No 2 (2014) Development of a shape memory alloy wire actuator to operate a morphing wing Abstract   PDF
Misun Rim, Eun-Ho Kim, Woo-Ram Kang, In Lee
Vol 51, No 3 (2013) Development of a thermal model in the metal cutting process for prediction of temperature distributions at the tool-chip-workpiece interface Abstract   PDF
Abdelkader Karas, Mohamed Bouzit, Mustapha Belarbi
Vol 25, No 4 (1987) Development of nonlinear mechanics of shells in the kazan school (in Russian) Abstract   PDF
I. G. Teregulov
Vol 30, No 1 (1992) Development of the obliwue incidence method based on the light scattering phenomenon Abstract   PDF
Marek Sikoń
Vol 53, No 4 (2015) Differences in energy flow in three directions in Human-Tool biomechanical systems based on spatial human physical models specified in the ISO 10068:2012 standard Abstract   PDF
Marian Witalis Dobry, Tomasz Hermann
Vol 22, No 3-4 (1984) Differential models of hexagonal-type grid plates Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Lewiński
Vol 41, No 1 (2003) Diffraction loads on multiple vertical circular cylinders by least-squares Trefftz-type finite elements Abstract   PDF
Małgorzata Stojek
Vol 34, No 3 (1996) Discrete-continuous models in the analysis of low structures subject to kinematic excitations caused by transversal waves Abstract   PDF
Amalia Pielorz
Vol 55, No 2 (2017) Dispersion of SH waves in a viscoelastic layer imperfectly bonded with a couple stress substrate Abstract   PDF
Vikas Sharma, Satish Kumar
Vol 34, No 2 (1996) Displacement field gradient measurement using the speckle photography method Abstract   PDF
Jerzy Tadeusz Pisarek
Vol 2, No 2 (1964) Dobór parametrów ruchu przenośników wibracyjnych Abstract   PDF
Antoni Czubak
Vol 25, No 4 (1987) Dopełnienie metody mory metodą warstwy optycznie czynnej Abstract   PDF
Aniela M. Glinicka
Vol 2, No 1 (1964) Doraźne badania własności mechanicznych i elastooptycznych materiałów używanych w elastooptyce Abstract   PDF
R. S. Doroszkiewicz, A. Litewka
Vol 7, No 4 (1969) Doświadczalna analiza drgań własnych rusztów cylindrycznych Abstract   PDF
Edward Maciąg
Vol 11, No 3 (1973) Doświadczalna analiza efektu pamięci materiału poddanego plastycznemu odkształceniu Abstract   PDF
Józef Miastkowski
Vol 23, No 3-4 (1985) Doświadczalna analiza kinematyki procesu wyciskania Abstract   PDF
Jan Piwnik
Vol 21, No 2-3 (1983) Doświadczalna analiza naprężeń termosprężystych metodą elastooptyczną Abstract   PDF
Zdzisław Dyląg, Zbigniew Orłoś
Vol 24, No 4 (1986) Doświadczalna analiza stateczności powłoki hiperboloidalnej chłodni kominowej Abstract   PDF
Reinhold Kałuża
Vol 5, No 3 (1967) Doświadczalna weryfikacja niestacjonarnych procesów plastycznego płynięcia Abstract   PDF
Wojciech Szczepiński
Vol 3, No 2 (1965) Doświadczalne badania nad skończonymi, sprężysto-plastycznymi ugięciami belek opartych na nieprzesuwnych podporach Abstract   PDF
Zenon Waszczyszyn
Vol 4, No 2 (1966) Doświadczalne badania stateczności płyt trójkątnych Abstract   PDF
Jarosław Sobieszczański
Vol 4, No 2 (1966) Doświadczalne badania własności mechanicznych polichlorku winylu Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Wilczyński
Vol 3, No 2 (1965) Doświadczalne badanie powierzchni plastyczności wstępnie odkształconego mosiądzu Abstract   PDF
J. Miastkowski, W. Szczepiński
Vol 17, No 3 (1979) Doświadczalny i analityczny opis własności stali o podwyższonej wytrzymałości w zakresie małej liczby cykli Abstract   PDF
Czesław Goss, Stanisław Kocańda
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