Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

30, 4, pp. 701-719, Warsaw 1992

Boundary element method for axisymmetric thermoelastic problems

Jacek Błocki
Using the notation of two-point tensors a boundary integral equation for steady-state problems of thermoelasticity is derived. We point out that only the fundamental solution U_Ki and the Galerkin tensor G_K^i have to be known in order to formulate the problem in an arbitrary curvilinear system of coordinates. After rewriting the integral equation for antisymmetric problems we solve this equation by means of the Boundary Element Method. Parabolic elements are utilized where nonsingular and singular integrals are computed numerically. The stress state in the body region and on its boundary are calculated with the help of suitable formulae which have been derived. Some numerical calculations in comparison with the results obtained analytically are given.