Accepted for publication

Papers to appear in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics.

Table of Contents

1. Non-linear fracture analysis of functionally graded four point bend beams
Victor Rizov
2. Research on one-dimensional ubiquitiformal constitutive relations for bimaterial-bar
Min Yang, Zhuo-Cheng Ou, Zhuo-Ping Duan, Feng-Lei Huang
3. Crack growth path simulation in cement mantle of THR using crack box technique
Abdelkader Boulenouar
4. The thermoelastic state of a bi-material with an open gas-filled interface crack
Kristina Serednytska, Rostyslav Martynyak, Kostyantyn Chumak
5. Plastic microstress for a defect energy dependent on Burgers tensor
Adebowale Borokinni
6. Analysis of hybrid CSADEA method for fault detection of cracked structures
Sasmita Sahu, Priyadarshi Biplab Kumar, Dayal R. Parhi
7. Energy management strategy of dual planetary hybrid electric vehicle based on optimal transmission efficiency
Shaohua Wang, Jiaxin Li, Dehua Shi, Xiaoqiang Sun, Yong Yao
8. Application of finite element method in the milling process stability diagnosis
Paweł Dunaj, Krzysztof Marchelek, Marcin Chodźko
9. A unit-cell approach for predicting the microbuckling strength of composites with non-uniform fiber imperfections under combined axial compression and in-plane shear
Marek Romanowicz
10. Road profile identification using the estimation techniques: comparison between independent component analysis and Kalman filter
Mariem Miladi Chaabane, Dorra Ben Hassen, Mohamed Slim Abbes, S.C. Baslamisli, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Haddar
11. Semi-active vibration control of the horizontal seat suspension by using magneto-rheological damper
Igor Maciejewski, Tomasz Krzyżyński, Sebastian Pecolt, Sebastian Chamera
12. A modified model of residual strength prediction for metal plates with through-thickness cracks
Yanping Li, Jianjun Wang, Weiguo Guo, Jin Guo
13. Local stability experimental and numerical study of non-standard thin-walled channel beams
Michał Grenda, Piotr Paczos
14. Application of modified Ritchie-Knott-Rice criterion to cellular automata
Urszula Janus-Gałkiewicz, Andrzej Neimitz
15. Effect of cracked tooth on the dynamic response of simple gearbox with flexible coupling for acyclism operation
Ahmed Hammami, Atef Hmida, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Taoufik Khabou, Mohamed Haddar
16. Study on the behavior of streamwise vortices formed between leading edge tubercles in a compressor cascade
Tan Zheng, Xiaoqing Qiang, Jinfang Teng, Jinzhang Feng
17. Generalized thermoelastic medium subjected to a pulsed laser heating via a two-temperature model
Ahmed E. Abouelregal, Ashraf M. Zenkour
18. Stability of thin-walled square tubes with intermediate stiffeners under torsion
Zbigniew Kołakowski, Jacek Jankowski
19. Parameter sensitivity analysis and optimization of vibration energy of hybrid energy-regenerative suspension
Jiajia Wang, Long Chen, Ruochen Wang, Xiangpeng Meng, Dehua Shi
20. Stress-life curve for high and low cycle fatigue
Marta Kurek, Andrzej Kurek, Tadeusz Łagoda
21. A simple formula for predicting the first natural frequency of transverse vibrations of axially loaded helical springs
Krzysztof Michalczyk, Piotr Bera
22. Stress distribution in front of the crack - analytical solutions vs. numerical. Can the differences be minimized?
Andrzej Neimitz, Sebastian Michał Lipiec
23. Theoritical simulation of temperature distribution in gun barrel based on DPL model
Mohammad Reza Talaee, Seyed Ali Hosseinli
24. Spatial synchronization of unbalanced rotors excited with paralleled and counterrotating motors in a far resonance system
pan fang
25. Structural Damage Detection in Moving Load Problem using JRNNs based Method
26. Free vibration of hyper-elastic microbeam, using an ‘augmented Biderman model’
Ardeshir Karami Mohammadi, Saeed Danaee Barforooshi
27. Analytical Study of Stress Distribution Models for Estimation of Stresses beneath Plain Rigid Wheels & Vertical Force on TRI-1 Lunar Soil Simulant
28. Numerical modelling of the ratchetting effect under uniaxial and multiaxial loading conditions
Mohammed Abbadi
29. Research on unsteady cavitating flow around the Clark-Y hydrofoil
Dorota Homa
30. Effects of X-ray on Fibroblast Mechanical Properties
Ashkan Heydarian, Siamak Khorramymehr, Behnoosh Vasaghi_Gharamaleki
31. Identifying the Poly Methyl Methacrylate behavior during free thermoforming using experimental tests and numerical simulation
Mansour Sattarian, aazam ghassemi
Mohmmadraiyan Mohmmadnur Munshi
33. Computational domain discretization for CFD analysis of flow in a granular packed bed
Renata Gnatowska
34. Matrix logarithmic wave equation and multi-channel systems in fluid mechanics
Konstantin G Zloshchastiev
35. Electromagnetic and Radiative Casson fluid flow over a Permeable Vertical Riga-plate
Loganathan Parasuraman, Deepa Krishnamurthy
36. Vibration suppression of truncated conical shells embedded with magnetostrictive layers based on first order shear deformation theory
Shahin Mohammadrezazadeh
37. Numerical and experimental parametric study of resistance spot welding process of AISI 1008 steel sheets
Ata Khabazaghdam, Abbas Fadaei, Azhdar Rahmani
38. Accuracy of determined S-N curve by selected models
Przemysław Strzelecki
39. Experimental study of the nonlinear dynamics of a smooth and discontinuous oscillator with different smoothness parameters and initial values
Yujian Chang, Enli Chen, Ming Feng
40. Numerical investigation of mechanical behavior of cruciform specimens in aluminum alloy 6082-T6 subjected to different biaxial loading conditions
khelil foudil, aour benoumeur, TALHA ABDERRAHIM, BENSEDDIQ NOUREDDINE
41. A Blade Design Performance Based Off-Design Loss Prediction Method for Axial Flow Compressors and Cascades
Dongrun Wu, Jinfang Teng, Xiaoqing Qiang, Zhong Yang
42. Multi-core and many-core SPMD parallel algorithms for construction of basins of attractions
Marcos Silveira, Paulo J P Gonçalves, José M Balthazar
43. Estimation of Distribution of Moving Heat Source during Milling of AISIH13 by Inverse Heat Conduction Method
somayeh davoodabadi farahani
Nataliya Kizilova, Jeremi Mizerski, Helen Solovyova