Vol 38, No 3 (2000)

Table of Contents

1. Finite element analysis and design of piezoelectric controlled smart structures PDF
Harald Berger, Ulrich Gabbert, Heinz Köppe, Falko Seeger 475-498
2. Problems of design and application of rotary torque meters for measurement of a small torque PDF
Maciej Bodnicki 499-521
3. Active control of beams under a moving load PDF
Roman Bogacz, Czesław Bajer 523-530
4. Intelligent structures of springs PDF
Bogdan Branowski 531-547
5. External mechatronic orthopaedic fixators – modelling, computer simulations and clinical experiences PDF
Danuta Jasińska-Choromańska 549-572
6. On application of piezoelectric shear effect to active damping of transverse vibration in beams PDF
Piotr M. Przybyłowicz 573-589
7. Application of statistical linearization techniques to design of quasi-optimal active control of nonlinear systems PDF
Lesław Socha 591-605
8. Influence of bonding layer on piezoelectric actuators of an axisymmetrical annular plate PDF
Andrzej Tylikowski 607-621
9. Nonlinear piezo-thermoelastic shell theory applied to control of variable-geometry shells PDF
Horn-Sen Tzou, Ren Jye Yang 623-644
10. Rapid prototyping of mechatronic systems PDF
Tadeusz Uhl, Tomasz Bojko, Zbigniew Mrozek, Wojciech Szwabowski 645-668
11. Measuring systems for investigation into thermal phenomena appearing in drive systems with electric micromotors PDF
Jakub Wierciak 669-691
12. Efficiency analysis in the design of walking machines PDF
Teresa Zielińska 693-708
13. Design of mechanical and control system of a walking machine PDF
Teresa Zielińska, John Heng, Terence Goh 709-725