Vol 31, No 3 (1993)

Table of Contents

1. Mechatronics, multidisciplinary field of technology PDF
Grzegorz Pawlicki 457-463
2. On certain methods of determining the ellipses and ellipsoids of the positioning accuracy of robot manipulators PDF
Wojciech Szczepiński, Zbigniew Wesołowski 465-482
3. Involute gears with variable pressure angle profile for mechatronic application PDF
Waldemar Oleksiuk 483-492
4. Elastic-plastic strain analysis by photoelastic coating method PDF
Jacek Kapkowski, Barbara Kozłowska 493-512
5. Active systems in the vibration control of vehicles PDF
Stanisław Michałowski 513-523
6. Robot object-oriented Pascal library: ROOPL PDF
Cezary Zieliński 525-537
7. New trends in optical methods for experimental mechanics. Part I: moire and grating projection techniques for shape and deformation measurement PDF
Malgorzata Kujawińska, Krzysztof Patorski 539-561
8. New trends in optical methods for experimental mechanics. Part II: high sensitivity grating interferometry for in-plane displacement measurement PDF
Krzysztof Patorski, Małgorzata Kujawińska 563-582
9. Modal calibration of vibration sensors PDF
Witold Wiśniowski 583-589
10. Neural networks in robotics PDF
Teresa Zielińska 591-600
11. Some results of the APC-1P digital autopilot flight tests PDF
Andrzej Tomczyk, Tomasz Dziedzic 601-619
12. Improvement of a robot performance due to elemination of both dynamic interactions and joint limits in the manipulator arm PDF
Kazimiekz Nazarczuk 621-636
13. Active vibration control of one-dimensional piezoelectric laminates PDF
Marek Pietrzakowski 637-655
14. Stabilization of beam parametric vibrations PDF
Andrzej Tylikowski 657-670