Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

43, 4, pp. 745-761, Warsaw 2005

On the contact problem for a smooth punch in piezoelectroelasticity

Ewa Dyka, Bogdan Rogowski
The problem of electroelasticity for piezoelectric materials is considered. For axially symmetric states, three potentials are introduced, which determine displacements, electric potential, stresses, components of the electric field vector and electric displacements in the piezoelectric body. These fundamental solutions are utilized to solve a smooth contact problem. Exact solutions are obtained for elastic and electric fields in the contact problem. The numerical results are presented graphically to show the influence of applied mechanical and electrical loading on the analyzed quantities and to clarify the effect of anisotropy of piezoelectric materials. It is also shown that the influence of anisotropy of the materials on these fields is significant.
Keywords: piezoelectric medium; transverse isotropy; potential theory method; circular punch