Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

26, 1, pp. 9-19, Warsaw 1988

Analiza parametrów detonacyjnych materiałów wybuchowych emulsyjnych (MWE) uczulanych szklanymi mikrosferami zawierającymi powietrze

Andrzej Maranda, Edward Włodarczyk, Jacek Serafinowicz

In the experimental part of the work reported here the velocity and the critical diameter were determined of the detonation of the emulsion explosives (EM) depending upon the content of the basic components. In the respective samples the quantity was being changed of ammonium- and sodium nitrate, oil, water, and of glass microspheres filled by air. On the strength of the results obtained the role was defined of the above components in the detonation process of EM. The data obtained also enabled placing EM in a suitable class of mining explosives and presenting the prospects of their applications.