Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

23, 1, pp. 39-51, Warsaw 1985

Metoda rozwiązywania równań ruchu przy inercyjnych obciążeniach ruchomych

Andrzej Radziecki

A method of formulating and solving of the equations of motion of the constructions subjected to the inert moving loads is presented. The loads are treated as groups of concentrated masses or viscoelastic oscillators, particular loads can be in arbitrary varying relations with respect to one another. In the considered solution we make use of the finite element method and apart from the geometrical discretisation also the time depending quantities are discretised. The method lets us to find the effective solution in the linear elastic regions for complex moving loads. The effectiveness of the method results from the two-stage reduction of the coordinate system – static and dynamic; the latter one is feasible due to the introduction of the interpolar diagonalisation of the system of equations of motion.