Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

17, 1, pp. 137-153, Warsaw 1979

Losowe drgania linii wałów z uwzględnieniem asymetrii sztywności giętnej i podatności fundamentów

Janusz Kolenda

The paper deals with random vibrations of shaftings constituting together with flexible foundations the linear and time-dependent continua. It is shown that at stationary random excitations the stochastic processes in the shaftings with flexural rigidity asymmetry are periodically stationary in wide sense due to rotation of shafts on flexible foundations. The matrices of averaged power spectral densities of these processes contain Fourier transforms of the modulated impulse responses of a foundation. The matrix of averaged transfer functions is defined and used to determine the averaged cross power spectral densities of output processes at the analysed shafting point and of input processes. The case of nonstationary random excitations is considered under the assumption that a rotating speed of the shafting can be treated as a constant value.