Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

50, 3, pp. 831-839, Warsaw 2012

Transient thermoelastic analysis for a functionally graded circular disk with piecewise power law

Naotake Noda, Yoshihiro Ootao, Yoshinobu Tanigawa
The theoretical treatment of a transient thermoelastic problem involving a functionally graded solid circular disk with piecewise power law due to uniform heat supply from an outer surface is studied. The solid circular disk is also cooled from the upper and lower flat surfaces. The functionally graded circular disk consists of many thin circular layers in order to guarantee the voluntariness of material position dependency. The thermal conductivity, Young's modulus and the coefficient of linear thermal expansion of each layer, except the first inner layer, are expressed as power functions of the radial coordinate, and their values continue on the interfaces. We obtain the exact solution for the one-dimensional temperature change in a transient state, and in-plane thermoelastic response under the state of plane stress. Some numerical results for the temperature change, displacement and stress distributions are shown in figures.
Keywords: functionally graded material; solid circular disk; piecewise power law