Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

49, 3, pp. 757-764, Warsaw 2011

Energy harvesting in a magnetopiezoelastic system driven by random excitations with uniform and Gaussian distributions

Grzegorz Litak, Marek Borowiec, Michael I. Friswell, Sondipon Adhikari
A simple magneto-piezoelectric system excited by random forces modelled with a double well potential is considered. System responses for different realizations of noise with uniform and Gaussian distributions are compared. The results show negligible differences in the regions of small and high noise intensity. A more noticeable difference can be seen in the intermediate region of noise just below the transition from isolated single well oscillations to coupled double wells oscillations. Variations in the mechanical displacement in this transition region indicate that the transition between these types of behaviour is broader for a uniform noise excitation. Consequently, the system excited with Gaussian noise tends more clearly to one of the different solutions (i.e. motion in a single well or in both wells) while the uniform noise case demonstrates intermittency with multiple solutions.
Keywords: energy harvesting; piezoelectric transducer; random excitation