Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

47, 1, pp. 229-242, Warsaw 2009

Mathematical modelling of the inrun profile of a ski jumping hill with the controlled track reaction force

Rafał Palej, Renata Filipowska
The paper deals with the problem of modelling the inrun profile of a ski jumping hill with a variable radius of curvature. It presents the possibility of reducing the inertia force acting on a ski jumper in the immediate neighbourhood of the take-off track while maintaining the inclination angles of the starting segment of the track and the take-off track which are applied in the present day constructions. The problem of a further decrease of the inertia force resulting from the increase of the inclination angle of the starting segment has also been discussed. Finally, the profiles of the inrun which do not contain the inflexion point have been determined.
Keywords: inrun profile; ski jumping hill; nonlinear boundary value problem; shooting method