Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

46, 1, pp. 123-139, Warsaw 2008

Methods based on the differential quadrature in vibration analysis of plates

Artur Krowiak
The paper deals with the methods based on the differential quadrature and their application to the free vibration analysis of plates. The spline-based differential quadrature Method (SDQM) is presented as an alternative to known methods based on the interpolation polynomial (PDQM). The SDQM uses a polynomial piecewise function to approximate the wanted solution of a governing equation. The way of determining the spline functions as well as the way of computing weighting coefficients for the method are presented in the paper. Then the SDQM is applied to determine natural frequencies of plates. The influence of the spline degree, number of nodes and grid point distribution on the accuracy, convergence and stability is investigated in an example. All results are compared with values obtained by the conventional differential quadrature method (PDQM).
Keywords: Differential quadrature method; spline interpolation; free vibration