Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 4, pp. 953-967, Warsaw 2007

Active vibration control of Terfenol-D rod of giant magnetostrictive actuator with nonlinear constitutive relations

Hao-Miao Zhou, You-He Zhou, Xiao Jing Zheng
This paper presents a numerical simulation of active vibration control of the Terfenol-D rod of a giant magnetostrictive transducer with nonlinear constitutive relations. In this control system, the goal is to suppress vibration of the displacement at the free end of the rod that is usually connected with a platform. Due to the inherent nonlinear relation among the applied magnetic field, pre-stress, and strain, the extension of the rod is also nonlinear relative to the external applications. Having an analytical nonlinear constitutive model of the Terfenol-D rod proposed by the last author of this paper and the finite element method employed in the deformation analysis, we propose a numerical code to simulate the dynamic behavior of the control system when the negative displacement and velocity control law is utilized to feed back the signals to the actuator. The simulation results display that this control is more effective that other existing control algorithms bas ed on linear constitutive models.
Keywords: giant magnetostrictive actuators; nonlinear constitutive model; negative feedback control law; active control of vibration suppression