Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 4, pp. 943-952, Warsaw 2007

Evaluation of vibration damping in the modelling of dynamics of a flexible rotor

Egidijus Juzenas, Kazimieras Juzenas, Remigijus Jonusas, Vytautas Barzdaitis
Selection of a method for evaluation of vibration damping is relevant in the analysis of flexible rotors operating between the first two critical speeds, their dynamics as well as in the modelling of dynamical states. The correspondence between results of theoretical analysis and experimental data depends on this choice. Three cases of evaluation of vibration damping in rotary systems are discussed in the paper. The presented modelling dynamical states of rotors comprises three methods for the assesment of vibration damping. Results of the theoretical analysis are compared with experimental results and discussed.
Keywords: vibrations; damping modelling; vibrodiagnostics