Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

45, 2, pp. 405-423, Warsaw 2007

Model based predictive control of guyed mast vibration

Bartłomiej Błachowski
The purpose of this work is to present an algorithm for optimal vibration control of guyed masts and an example of its application to a numerical simulation. The objective of the proposed control system is to minimize amplitudes of transverse vibrations of the top of a mast induced by wind pressure acting on the structure. Control forces are assumed to be physically realized through changes of tension in guy cables, supporting the mast. The only required measurements are velocities of guy cables at the anchor-points. On the basis of those, a complete state of deformation of the structure is obtained by using the Kalman filter. The Davenport spectral density function is adopted as a model of the stochastic action of the wind.
Keywords: structural vibrations; vibration control; guyed masts; wind fluctuations