Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 3, pp. 537-544, Warsaw 2003

Non-linear stability problem of spherical shell loaded with torque

Stefan Joniak
A thin-walled spherical shell is pivoted at both edges. One of the edges may rotate around the shell axis. Moreover, it is loaded with a torque. The problem of shell stability is considered. The system of equations characterizing the problem consists of a non-linear equation of equilibrium and non-linear compatibility equation. Both equations are solved with Bubnov-Galerkin's method, assuming beforehand the form of deflection and force-functions. As a result of the solution, an algebraic equation is obtained, with respect to a dimensionless load parameter. The critical load parameter corresponding to the minimal critical load value is determined from this equation. The number m at which the load parameter has the minimum value determines the mode of stability loss. The paper is supplied with a numerical example.
Keywords: shells; non-linear stability