Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

41, 1, pp. 169-197, Warsaw 2003

Modelling and optimization of transmission systems with an asynchronous motor

Arkadiusz Mężyk
Mathematical models of an electromechanical system with an induction motor are dealt with in the paper. An electric motor model is described in the equivalent axial coordinate system $(x,y)$. The mathematical model of the gear train has been formulated by means of a hybrid method of rigid and deformable finite elements. Special attention has been paid to problems of modelling of planetary gears. The sensitivity analysis and optimization have been carried out using an objective function describing the maximal forces in kinematic pairs. The applied algorithm of direct differentiation makes it possible to examine the influence of parameters of the electromechanical model on the dynamic phenomena occurring in the system. From the performed investigations it appears that, when modelling the mechanisms under consideration, it is necessary to take electromechanical couplings into account.
Keywords: mathematical model; gear train; electromechanical system; sensitivity analysis; optimization