Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

39, 3, pp. 637-653, Warsaw 2001

Problem of elastic interaction between an annular thick plate and elastic stratum

Bogdan Rogowski, Dariusz Zaręba
A solution to the contact pressure problem, bending moments and displacements of an axisymmetrically loaded thick annular transversely isotropic plate resting without friction on a transversely isotropic or granular half-space is presented in the paper. No singularity occurs in the contact pressure because the extensional deformation of the plate is taken into consideration. An approximate solution to the resulting integral equation is obtained using an effective numerical procedure. To assess the effects of anisotropy of the plate response, numerical results are obtained for three materials: magnesium, which is nearly isotropic; cadmium, which is moderately anisotropic; and graphite epoxy, which is highly anisotropic and the supporting half-space is modelled as granular material, like soil. The results are presented graphically.
Keywords: anisotropy; contact problem; thick plate