Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

39, 1, pp. 13-32, Warsaw 2001

A rheological model of polymeric materials and identification of its parameters

Marian Klasztorny, Andrzej Wilczyński, Danuta Witemberg-Perzyk
A new rheological model of polymeric materials has been proposed, based on experimental data concerning creep of tensile samples. A mechanical model of the material consists of four elements connected in series, formulated by Hooke, Wilczyński, Kelvin and Newton. Constitutive equations of rheology of the polymeric material have been formulated, both in uncoupled and coupled form, with the analytical generating functions well-fitting the experiments. A method for the identification of the elastic, viscoelastic and viscous material constants, based on the creep of the tensile samples, has been developed and computerised. The introductory experiments have been carried out on samples made of POLIMAL 109 polyester resin and the results of identification of the material constants have been given.
Keywords: polymers; rheology; constitutive equations; combined numerical and experimental methods