Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

30, 4, pp. 721-735, Warsaw 1992

On free vibration damping analysis of layered beams and bands composed of isotropic viscoelastic layers

Stanisław Karczmarzyk, Zbigniew Osiński
This paper deals with some problems appearing in sinusoidal free vibration damping analysis of linear, viscoelastic, both homogeneous and layered, beams and bands. A homogenity of description of displacements of both discrete and continuous systems is shown. A manner of viscoelastic properties of materials description in formulation of any boundary value problem of sinusoidal vibration is discussed. A procedure of accurate calculations of eigenfrequency, for a given form of characteristic equation, of the structures composed of viscoelastic materials is proposed. Some rules of transformation of any boundary problem formulation for band/beam consisting of isotropic layers into formulation of such a problem for beam/band is revealed. A difference in vibration damping analysis of layered beam and band, respectivelly is proved and discussed.