Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

29, 2, pp. 427-442, Warsaw 1991

Modelowanie matematyczne figur akrobacji lotniczej jako programowego lotu samolotu

Wojciech Blajer, Jan Parczewski

A mathematical model of the aircraft spatial motion during realization of an assumed program flight has been presented in the paper. Two independent conditions of this program settle the center of the aircraft fixed on the assumed trajectory, while the third condition constrains the aircraft angular orientation changes. The possibility of application of an additional condition controlling the flight velocity changes has been also introduced. The model being proposed makes it possible to simulate some aerobatics maneouvres and some spatial maneouvres of the aircraft. As a results the governing parameters changes versous time descrihing the program motion under analysis together with the control parameters of the aircraft changes required for the program flight realization have been obtained.