Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

28, 3-4, pp. 313-332, Warsaw 1990

Analiza dynamiki lotu samolotu w wybranym stanie awaryjnym

Zbigniew Dżygadło, Krzysztof Sibilski

Analysis of flight dynamiccs of an aeroplane in a failure state has been carried out on an example of an aircraft having damaged elevator unit. The complete set of nonlinear equations of longitudinal motion of the aeroplane has been applied under assumption that the damage of the tail unit has a symmetric form and the motion of the aeroplane, which had been plane before the perturbation, remains a plane motion after the failure of the aeroplane. Making use of the results of the analysis it can be asserted that a motion of an aeroplane with a damaged tail unit depends in an essential manner on the stabilizer setting-up and therefore there is a possibility to avoid a crash of the aeroplane on the condition that the pilot has been acting in a proper manner.