Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

24, 4, pp. 519-535, Warsaw 1986

Metoda automatycznego układania równań równowagi w obliczeniach statycznych ortotropowych, liniowo-sprężystych, cienkościennych prętów pryzmatycznych o dowolnym przekroju wieloobwodowym

Zenon Górecki

The assumptions of the semi-momentless theory of shells have been applied in the computation of static, thin-walled, prosmatic bars of multi coimected cross-section. In order to construct the differential equilibrium equations we use the shape function for the tangential displacement. A procedure has been adopted in the computer program for the automatic generation of the coefficient matrix of the system of the equilibrium equations where the interpretation of the unknowns is not know during the working time of the computer. The method enables us to solve the problem for various shape functions. The method have been illustrated by the results obtained on digital computer and on diagrams.