Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

13, 2, pp. 209-224, Warsaw 1975

Zastosowanie tłumików Stockbridge'a do tłumienia drgań belek i strun

Józef Nizioł, Andrzej Martynuska
Forced vibrations of a simply supported beam extended by an axial force S are considered. A Stockbridge damper suspended at the beam is considered as a mass attached to its end. Application of the Fourier method leads to a system of coupled differential equations yielding the corresponding eigenfunctions and eigenvalues. Vibrations of a string with a Stockbridge damper are also considered and the result is equivalent to that obtained from the solution for a beam by means of a limiting procedure. The formulae are derived which give the forced vibration amplitude of a beam with internal damping with or without the damper. The results obtained enable us to select the parameters of the damper and its location ensuring its most effective action. The results are illustrated by a numerical example concerning high-tension electric transmission lines.