Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

13, 1, pp. 107-115, Warsaw 1975

Stateczność techniczna drgań bocznych pojedynczego zestawu kołowego poruszającego się wzdłuż toru z nieliniową sprężystością poprzeczną

Alicja Pieniążek, Wiesław Pieniążek
The technical stability of the mechanical system with one degree of freedom, with non-linear characteristic of elasticity, play and damping by dry friction, is considered. This system performs forced lateral vibrations produced by a harmonic force. The system is acted oil by constantly acting perturbations of the characteristics of elasticity and damping. The regions of the stability were considered from the practical point of view. The problem is analysed by means of the second method of Lapunov. Relations (2.6) and (3.11), obtained by this procedure, contain: damping, the coefficient of rigidity and the velocity of lateral motion of the body. These relations are conditions of the technical stability. Relation (3.11) is shown graphically in Fig. 4.