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Information for authors

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (JTAM) is devoted to all aspects of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and applied problems of structural mechanics, mechatronics, biomechanics and robotics. Both theoretical and experimental papers as well as survey papers can be proposed.

We accept articles in English only. The text of JTAM paper should not exceed 12 pages of standard format A4 (11-point type size, including abstract, figures in grey scale, tables and references).

Papers are accepted for publication after the review process. Blind review model is applied, which means that the reviewers' names are kept confidential to the authors. Reviewer(s) declare that there is no interpersonal relation with the author(s) that would affect the opinion and recommendation of the article for publication in JTAM. The final decision on paper acceptance belongs to the Editorial Board.


Requirements for paper preparation

Contents of the manuscripts should appear in the following order:

All the data should be reported in SI units.


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New JTAM offer for short communication!

Since July 2013 short research communications will be accepted for publication in JTAM with all the requirements concerning standard publications, exctept volume that will be limitec to 4 pages. The first short communications are expected to appear in Vol. 52 (2014).