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Papers to appear in JTAM, vol 53, no. 1, 2015

Abouelregal A.E., Zenkour A.M. - Thermoelastic problem of an axially moving microbeam subjected to an external transverse excitation
Battezzato A., Bracco G., Giorcelli E., Mattiazzo G. - Performance assessment of a 2 DOF gyroscopic wave energy converter
Chandrasekar M., Kasiviswanathan M.S. - Magneto hydrodynamics flow with viscous dissipation effects in the presence of suction and injection
Dobry M., Hermann T. -  A comparison of human physical models based on the distribution of power in a dynamic structure in the case of hand-arm vibrations
Dziopa Z., Buda P., Nyckowski M., Pawlikowski R. - Dynamics of an unguided missiles launcher
Hammami A., Del Rincon A.F., Rueda F.V., Chaari F., Haddar M. - Modal analysis of back-to-back planetary gear: experiments and correlation against lumped-parameter model
Karličić D., Kozić P., Pavlović R. - Flexural vibration and buckling analysis of single-walled carbon nanotubes using different gradient elasticity theories based on Reddy and Huu-Tai formulations
Koruba Z., Nocoń Ł. - Automatic control of an anti-tank guided missile based on polynomial functions
Lewiński J. - The effect of manhole shape and wall thickness on stress state in a cylindrical pressure vessel
Makowski M., Zalewski R. - Vibration analysis for vehicle with vacuum packed particles suspension
Mamandi A., Mohsenzadeh R., Kargarnovin M.H. - Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a rectangular plate subjected to accelerated/decellerated moving load
Ostapski W., Aromiński A., Tułodziecki M. - The influence of structural features on vibration of the propeller engine test bench
Rogowski K., Maroński R. - CFD computation of the Savonius rotor
Romaszko M., Sapiński B., Sioma A. - Forced vibrations analysis of a cantilever beam using the vision method
Schiavone P. - Uniqueness in inclusion problems with imperfect interface
Soualmia A., Jouini M., Masbernat L., Dartus D. - An analytical model for water profile calculations in free surface flows through rockfills
Suchocki C., Ewertowski J. - Modeling and numerical simulation of semi-automatic pistol dynamics
Taha M.H., Doha H.E. - Recursive differentiation method: application to the analysis of beams on two parameter foundations
Taghavi-Zenouz R., Abbasi S. - Multiple spike stall cells in low speed axial compressor rotor blade row
Vogt R. Adamski M., Głębocki R. - Integrated navigation – flight control system of guided projectiles and bombs
Yang L., Hu J., Kong L. - Theoretical study of the effect of probe shape on adhesion force between probe and substrate in atomic force microscope experiment
Zieniuk E., Bołtuć A. - The effective strategy for calculating strains and stresses in elasto-plastic torsion of a bar




Papers accepted for publication in JTAM